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Cactus Jack by jiggly Cactus Jack by jiggly
This is the last of the character designs for my "Wild West" fighting game concept. You can read the stories of the characters I posted here earlier below:

Wild West: Video Game Concept
Genre: Fighting

In the untamed land of the West, law and order do not exist. Its inhabitants must fight for their very existence due to many challenges; Robberies, murders, and brawls take place on a daily basis. Even mother nature is not on their side; Twisters, swarms of insects, and droughts plague the people. Wise men overcome these challenges by hard work and ingenuity. Crooked men strive to benefit from the sorrow and hardship of others. These men curve an unnamed law of the West for their own wealth and power.

However, in this great land not all of these men profit from the misery of those who happen to be less fortunate in luck and riches. The benevolent workers, children, and farmers of the West fight for their right as citizens and the just manner they should be treated. These good people, overcoming the overwhelming temptation to become those who profit on sorrow, fend for their freedoms. Unfortunately, this dream, however noble it may be, does not apply to all the inhabitants of the West.

Multiple citizens caught up in the power and money struggles of their surroundings strive to keep their rights, but also strive to benefit from the surrounding situations. The thirst for wealth and power that could be drives these people to commit crimes and murders to help themselves. This dirty money and power is enough to justify their actions. Although these small jobs are in themselves horrible acts, the big bosses of the West work to decimate all hopes and rights of the citizens.

These people have placed themselves above all order and above all the individual rights of the citizens. The well being of the entire population may rest in the hands of those who achieve this power by illegal actions. The people of the West blindly follow them in hopes for their individual safety.


In this Wild West a small community has found themselves taking part in something that could effect the entire survival of all who call the West their home. A new unexpected evil has reared his head among the already apparent hardships of the people. A great drought has swept across the West and the only source of water is being kept by a man who apparently doesn’t care what happens to the people. It is up to this small group of citizens to possibly put a stop to this evil or join it. These people have to make a choice to what they think is right, although it may not be an easy one.
Five citizens have taken a stand against the one evil, Billy the Kidd. The citizens will have to use their own morals, principles, and experiences to shape the future of the Wild West. They will also have to use this judgment to know who is an ally in their quest and who is the evil.


“The Good”

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kidd
-Age: Butch Cassidy: 22, The Sundance Kidd: 16
-Back Story: Ever since the Sundance Kidd’s parents passed away Butch Cassidy has seen to it that the Kidd always has someone to look after him. The Sundance Kidd’s older brother, Billy the Kidd, has run off. They quest together to find Billy and bring him back home.
-Important Relations:
--Butch Cassidy: Long time friend of the Kidd’s family. Butch has been best friends with Billy the Kidd since early childhood. He now wants to help find Billy and protect The Sundance Kidd. When the Sundance Kidd tries to fight in battles, Butch steps in. He feels as though the Kidd is too little to fight.
--The Sundance Kidd: Younger brother to Billy the Kidd. He knows that Billy has taken control of the town’s water source, but knows that there is a reason for his brother’s behavior.

Miss Kitty
-Age: 30
-Back Story: Miss Kitty does not like the unjust way the people have been treated. It has come to the point where she doesn’t even feel safe running her restaurant by herself. She has taken it upon herself to root out the evil plaguing the town and put an end to it.
-Important Relations: Although Miss Kitty is not a truly skilled fighter, she knows how to use her resources. She has hired Cactus Jack, a murder for hire, to seek out the evil - mainly Billy the Kidd - and destroy him. She normally wouldn’t take such drastic actions, such as murder, but this time the whole existence of the West depends on whether Billy the Kidd is allowed to live of not.

Buffalo Bill
-Age: 43
-Back Story: Bill may look mean on the outside, but deep down he has a kind heart. As a farmer in this unforgiving land, it is hard enough to make ends meet during the great drought which has been taking place for the past six weeks. The fact that Billy the Kidd is behind the drought, and not mother nature, has brought Buffalo Bill to fight for the community.
-Important Relations: Buffalo Bill is friends with many of the citizens. He has known Billy the Kidd and The Sundance Kidd since they were each born and was an old friend of their parents. He doesn’t understand Billy’s actions, but knows he must put a stop to him for the benefit of the whole town.


“The Bad”

Calamity Jane
-Age: 23
-Back Story: Calamity Jane has been an outlaw since she could remember. As a little girl she made her solitary living as a pickpocket and thief. Now that she has gotten older her eyes are set on bigger jobs; robbing banks and robbing jewelry stores are the the daily norm for her. As long as she can make an easy buck she will continue her efforts to better her financial situation. When she hears about Billy the Kidd and his reputation, she sets out to find him and see what he is all about. Maybe she can take advantage of his situation and take it for herself.

Cactus Jack
-Age: 25
-Back Story: Cactus Jack is a murderer for hire. Time and time again has escaped certain death and execution for the many murders he has committed in his life. He uses the rather lax and nonexistent laws of the West to his benefit. His very existence depends on the money he receives from these murders; it’s the only way he knows to live.
-Important Relations: Miss Kitty has hired Cactus Jack to murder Billy the Kidd. Cactus Jack could care less about the evil Billy has brought to the West. All he knows is that Billy the Kidd is next on his list of things to take care of.


“The Ugly”

Billy the Kidd
-Age: 22
-Back Story: As a child Billy was rather normal. His parents lived the life of poor farmers, who were respected in the community, but never made anything of themselves. Returning one day from a trip into town with his younger brother, his parent’s farm had been ransacked by looters and outlaws who robbed them of all their money and killed Billy’s parents in the process. Witnessing his parent’s bodies in the state they were in did not make Billy feel any remorse. More than anything it made him angry that his parents were not strong enough to fight for themselves. That day Billy decided that he wanted to make these looters pay for what they had done. The entire West had become too unruly and out of control. The people had to be punished for their wickedness, sins, and weaknesses. Gaining control of the only water source in the community, and during the driest months of the year, Billy finally has the power to control the people. Every one of them has the need to be nourished by water. Not only the people, but the crops and livestock as well. Billy will hold on to this resource until the people become strong enough to challenge him for it or learn their wrongs.
-Important Relations: Billy the Kidd is older brother to The Sundance Kidd. He loves his brother, but hates his weaknesses. After the death of their parents, The Sundance Kidd felt the great sadness and mourning expected after a death. He couldn’t make The Sundance Kidd see that the actual death of their parents wasn’t important. He wanted his little brother to see the “big picture” he saw. It was the fault of the Wild West that their mother and father were dead. It made no use to cry over their fate; it made more sense to fight for a land where this would never happen again.

Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kidd have been best friends since childhood. When Butch would not take Billy’s side over the result of the murder of his parents, Billy dismisses their friendship and decides that he can tame the West by himself.
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rourkie Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2004  Professional General Artist
Very very sweet.
donteatthefish Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
xD AWESOME character design!
xBabbo-X-Charbudx Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Again i am sooo amazed by your art :D =3 this bunny guy is soooo sexy again :hump: :drool: i wish i was you but well i can always admire you XD
yolichan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2003
hmm, i dunno but i seem to like this character a lot.. or looks the best XD furry ears ^__^ :heart:
skifi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2003
Hehehe, and he's one of my fav game characters so far... I think it's due to his smirk, that's an evil but mischievous smile, and gives him so interesting look.... :D

....If somebody doesn't like this project, then I'm not a bull XD
zarry Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Aaw, he's cute, I don't care if he's an evil murdurer for hire... *pettpettts* Yeeesh.
soapdish Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
The backstories are wonderful gramma! I still like the Sundane Kidd the best. :heart: But for all the other characters, I really liked how you fleshed them out. Works really well for a fighting game...or even an action game.

You better get a good grade for all this. Huzzah for Jackalopes!
supakat Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
I love the outfit on him :3

Excellent back story too ^^
sf-skies Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
amamsing back story! I like how you put in all the ways the charas relate to each other.

this is another nifty looking image, the smoke from his cigarret looks so cool
JangHeeJoon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whew. Quite a lot of reading to do. Lots and lots of work on your end. I'll sure love to hear you get an A on it. :D

And as usual, wonderful job with the soft colors and the pose. He has the expression of, "I'm going to shred you into pieces!", which is pretty sweet. Great job! Good luck on the final grade.
KalamadeaSidhe Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
awesome job with all of it!
d-chan01 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
Heheheh nice. I thought he was a jackobunny though. I strange like that.
jiggly Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
He is a jackalope! :D
d-chan01 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
Uh. Yeah that. ^^;;;;;
missingnin Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
I like his smirk very evil
zelas Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
XD very awsome! wow.... got story and etc. etc. too x_x;; for me im like... bleh. no time x.x

it looks AWSOME! :D
lessis Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2003   Filmographer
I love the backstories. Awesome job. If you don't get an A, I'm crackin' some heads. On your director piece, too :D
Busashi Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2003  Student!!!
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