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The Argument by jiggly The Argument by jiggly
Another class assignment. This time we had multiple scenerios, setting, and vehicles that we could choose from to put in our illustration.

I chose:
Scenerio: a couple fighting
Setting: a Tokyo marketplace
Vehicle: a motorcycle

And, yes, those are two guys. What else would you expect to see from me? :P The story I put into this was that the little guy in the sweater-vest is late for their date. The guy in the bomber jacket has been waiting and waiting for him, and now it's quite late.

This is the one color overlay for the assigment. I also did a toned version and a black and white version.
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sadwonderland Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
Hey, speaking of Shoujo Phonebook I saw a feature on it in the alumni magazine...where can I get a copy of one of the books?? I'd like to show it to some of my professional friends...I been telling them about it since I did the workshop thing. :)
jiggly Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2005
Cool. ^.^

Unfortunately, we are all out of copies of Shoujo Phonebook. We might be ordering some of the first run, but two new books are coming out in the end of April. I'll let you know when the new books are out if you like.
foxwithabass Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2004
I saw this in the Savannah Brochure! Wowsers! It's a beautiful town, but not the right school for me..

anyway... I fell in love with this picture... and here it is now on Deviantart! WOWSERS! I'm so happy! This is very nicely done of course...
d-chan01 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
^_^ Hehehe I have net access at a friend's place so I got to see this. I hope i can snag time to look at more of the art, I want to finish what you've done of Organic Tower.
skifi Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
Well, your assignment was succesfully done then.... ;) Now we only need to guess why are they arguing, and I don't know why, I think you'll keep it as a secret.... X3
ssjvaporeon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
they should have BABIES!!! BABIES!!!!


not possible. Please make a comic of some sort with them again, I hope we haven't seen the last of them.
soapdish Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004
Haha....I loved how the professor thought that the other one should be a little more feminine. Ah eyelashes suit him so much better. ;)

I really like the background...your hard work paid off. The part with the negative window portion is my fave.

And yay for bomber jackets... :heart:
yolichan Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004
ooo i really love this scene :D The colours and detail in the bg are soo cool *-* And you can draw motorcycles!! :O
karamei Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004
wow.. awesome lineart and shading and.. BG! O_O woww... gorgeous choice of colors.. looks very professional and smooth yet expressive at the same time :D
definite :+favlove: ^^
ruu Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004
:) That's pretty detailed. I like the lineart, it makes it look very comic - like.
organicjerk Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004
Looks Great! Man is he in trouble...I feel sorry for him, but he deserves it!

Excellent work on the backdrop and cycle....I'm proud.

sf-skies Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
I feel sorryfor the guy in the bommer jacket. But maybe he and sweter vest can work it out... I like the blues on this alot, its really expressive.
ald3n Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
sweet coloring + line art!!!! awesome!!!!
gabugurl Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
wOw! This is really great!! I luve the color scheme and the way it's shaded and everything.... ^.^ I really like it!!! o.O;
supakat Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
awesome colouring XD The background is great :D
evilhamsterhk Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
omg Jiggly this is amazing! O_O!!
I love the shading and the folds
and the motorcycle is just wow
and I love the background O_O s'amazing! and I love how the light is just shining on them and the how the top two corners are dark and "negative" aaahh I talk too much :blahblah: but this is just so amazing! :hug:
babygomamon Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
:giggle: I really love the color scheme and how this turned out. So Nice. *_*
cashshoe Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
!! so expressive~ your so talented with designs too
love the bomber jacket, so fun and that bike is really amazing
so detailed...
mushoo Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2004
Ooo, i likes! We may end up needing it as filler for Shoujo Phonebook, yes? yes yes yes?
hokutosumeragi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
wow, loox just like a page out of manga, great ^^
shuichi-shindou Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
Love the line quality! Let's hope they can make ammends, they're so cute! X D
Qthelights Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
i absolutely love how this was done, the detail oooooo:heart: *melts on it* i just love everything on this.

scoff. You are simply MAGICAL at backgrounds wtf ;/
mutsy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
aw i like that a lot, what a nifty assignment! you did the background and motorcycle really well
tetsuogz Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
This is among the more detaled pics i've seen you do in a while. You've set a very nice atmosphere with the background. The character interaction is great. Very nicely done.
zinacat Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
The one in the bomber jacket is hot. *lusts* Nice piccy! =P
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